Vladyslav Gyrych

Developer. Speaker. Founder.


Vladyslav Gyrych is a speaker, developer, co-founder of international blockchain projects, and he is also a real crypto enthusiast, who is sure that many vital processes will operate much better in case of implementing the technology of distributed register into them. Moreover, Vladyslav is focused on more ambitious projects, than implementation of digital application based on blockchain. For example, his priority is to bring out blockchain technologies to the stage of state regulation for the purpose of providing comfortable and legal environment for blockchain projects. Years of experience in blockchain industry resulted in the intentions mentioned above. In 2015 Vladyslav participated in the development of an international project - Minex Systems, which united financial and blockchain sectors. It is worth pointing out that MinexCoin cryptocurrency is one of the top 100 most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Vladyslav is also a co-founder and developer of the unique project ULT (Ukrainian Logistic Technology), this project integrates blockchain into the area of logistic services. However, year 2018 is a key year in his career, currently he is engaged in his largest blockchain project - Republia, which represents complete decentralized ecosystem, operating through innovative Republia Blockchain, created by Vladyslav.

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"My mission is to simplify and secure those areas of business and life that affect the construction of a comfortable life directly. Blockchain is exactly the technology that will surely make my goals come true. I believe, the unification of the decentralized technology of blockchain and artificial intelligence will turn our history into a new channel that will be characterized by security, transparency and comfortable use in all spheres".

“Right words are always remembered.”


Participating in charity projects and understanding huge problems in transparency of financial statements of investors, Vladyslav together with his partner decided to bring the sphere of charity to a new level, adding detalization to all internal processes. Within the framework of his largest project - decentralized Republia ecosystem, a fund is being created , the purpose of which is to allocate funds to solve global issues (assistance to victims of environmental disasters and charity). Vladyslav is also concerned about the lack of drinking water in Africa. According to statistics, 60% of population of the continent even cannot reach drinking water, that meets consumption standards. In Africa, there are large supplies of groundwater, which could significantly improve the situation. However, for its extraction certain technological processes are in need, Vladyslav currently is engaged in its development, in the hope of providing a technological solution to a vital issue.

“Even a Queen feels the need of support.”


Vladyslav repeatedly participated in discussions and conferences as a speaker in the Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine). Vladyslav Gyrych is sure, that Ukraine can be brought out of technological crisis not through huge financial revenues from outside, but through the strong intellectual skills of citizens, because real professionals both in IT industry and blockchain sector live in Ukraine, every year they are representing more and more projects on the global stage. For this reason, Vladyslav works every day in order to introduce technological reform at the state level, and after implementation of this reform every professional in this environment will feel confident, safe and stable. Because of innovations that are actively promoted in the government by Vladyslav Ukraine should become a leading technological country among other European countries.

“History does not repeat, but the mistakes do.”
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